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Permanent Make-up & Micro-blading

* Are your eyebrows uneven or sparse?


* Would you like your lashes to appear thicker &          your eyes more defined all the time?


* Would you like to never worry about your lipstick?


*  Are you a busy "no time for make-up" woman?


*  Are you involved in fitness or sports?


*  Do you find it difficult to apply make-up?


*  Are you allergic to cosmetics?


*  Do you have oily skin that doesn't hold make-up?


*  Do you have a physical or visual limitation that           impedes your ability to apply make-up?


*  Would you like the convenience of looking fresh,      natural & your best all the time?


If you answered yes to any of these questions...

then consider Permanent Make-up as your solution!


Free up time... for the more important things in life!

Consultation - $50 (fee will be applied to procedure price)


Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They frame the eyes and give the face expression. Brows that may be too light in color, too thin, sparse or even non-existent can be filled in with natural-looking hair strokes by micro-blading or micro-pigmentation, both processes we use for permanent eyebrows.

Never have smudged eyebrows again!


Before you begin your treatment, Stephanie will start with a discussion of the shape and color of your preference. Your unique bone structure and contours of your face will play a significant part in the look and shape of your brows. No two sets of brows are alike and the best brows come from following what is already naturally there. Even if you don’t have much hair to follow, your bone structure and eyes will tell where your brows should be. After you have approved the shape of your choice, color is carefully selected to match your natural skin tone and hair color.


Hair-stroke Simulation
Hair stroke eyebrows otherwise known as the hair simulation technique, is a technique we use for creating the most natural brows possible. The hair stroke technique mimics your own eyebrow hairs thus creating a feathering effect. This innovative technique is far more natural looking than a solid fill.


Brows - $650 (includes 1 touch-up appointment)

Brow Re-do* - $400 (does not include a touch-up)

Touch-up (within 1 year)* - $150

* Price valid ONLY on brows originally done by Stephanie


Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner or eyelash enhancement helps women and men enhance the appearance of their eyes. It eliminates the need to outline eyelids with liquid liners or pencils and improves the appearance of missing, thin, or light colored lashes. Permanent eyeliner allows people to swim, shower, or exercise without having makeup smudges. It provides safety and convenience to people with oily skin, vision problems, or unsteady hands. Permanent Eyeliner is an excellent option if you wear contact lenses, have watery eyes, or are allergic to regular makeup.


Eyeliner Shape and Design

Eyeliner “frames” the eyes and can make eyelashes appear darker, fuller, or thicker. It can enhance the shape or balance (symmetry) of a person’s eyes, create the illusion of larger eyes, or affect how the spacing of the eyes is perceived. Eyeliner can also enhance or intensify eye color and make eyes appear more alluring.


Whether you want liner on just the top or both the top and bottom is entirely up to you. You can choose subtle & natural or smoldering & dramatic!

If you opt for more of a subtle look, an Eyelash Enhancement may be just for you. For those who don’t want to look like they have any makeup on, this enhancement is perfect, for it will simply make it appear that your lashes are thicker and darker as opposed to an full eyeliner look


Upper Lash Enhancement/Liner - $450

Lower Lash Enhancement/Liner - $450

Upper & Lower - $800 (save $100)

Lip Colour

Permanent Lip Color

Lips are an important beauty feature of the mouth. They form a smile and show emotions. They help “frame” a person’s teeth and determine attractiveness. Permanent lip liner and color can improve the appearance of lips. It helps lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers and restores color to lips that are too pale. Permanent lip liner eliminates the daily use of pencils to outline, fill-in, or reshape lip borders. Permanent lip color decreases the need to reapply lipstick or lip-gloss. Lip tattooing helps correct and balance the symmetry of lips that are uneven, too thin, too thick, or scarred. It can also enhance the natural color and shape of “perfect” lips.  The result is a youthful pout enhanced with the color of your choice. No more smudging or bleeding and having to reapply throughout the day. Now you can look fresh all day long! 


Lip Liner - $600

Full Lip Color - $1100 (including liner) 

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