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Opened January 2011

Welcome to The Spa at 61 Elm,


You  deserve  to  be  pampered  – and The  Spa  at  61  Elm is  the  perfect place to do exactly that.  The Spa at 61 Elm was formed from a concept of being able to provide a place for "total rejuvenation".  Our  lives  are  so  busy  these  days, that being able to  relax  &  de-stress is  of utmost  importance  to our well being.  


Our location, 61 Elm Street - in the heart of Downtown Sudbury, was  chosen because of a strong belief  in "our downtown", as being & becoming a wonderful, fun & exciting place to be enjoyed by all.  Downtown Sudbury is centrally located within the City of Sudbury, so it is very accessible to everyone.  As in all great cities, the Downtown represents the city.  Our downtown has great shops, restaurants,  culture  & arts.  Why not a beautiful place where we can relax, be pampered, rejuvenate & be beautified?  A spa... an "oasis" from the stresses of our everyday lives!  We understand your time is precious,  so having a variety of services; from registered massage therapy, advanced skincare & anti-aging treatments, manicures & pedicures, permanent make-up, body treatments, waxing, make-up artistry & a hair salon - all available under one roof would make it easier to fit these important treatments into our busy lives.  Treat yourself to a relaxing day at The Spa!  Or perhaps treat a friend or family member with a Spa at 61 Elm gift certificate!


At The Spa at 61 Elm we strive to provide a place where our clients always feel warmly welcomed & taken care of.   We are dedicated to offering our clients the very best and will do everything we can to meet your expectations!  I invite you to come rest, rejuvenate & be beautiful with us.  



Stephanie Fortier


"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside & out.

- Audrey Hepburn

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